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  • Ernst Max Nielsen
    Max has worked 20+ years with TT as owner, manager, director and /or board member in both small and large companies, comprising TT consulting, high-tech startups, international groups – in USA, Russia, UK, Belgium, Hungary and his native Denmark. Max operates as a business angel investor.

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Outsourcing Philippines

Outsourcing should not be blamed for the increasing rate of unemployment. The increasing unemployment happens not just in the US but in other countries too. This happens around the globe so we should not blame outsourcing.

Outsourcing Philippines

Now, outsourcing is in demand despite of the different issues. Many businesses can afford to outsource thus it is in demand. Outsourcing can really free up time and allow the business owner to concentrate on the core tasks of their business.

Hope to see a new update on this blog.

Outsource Call Center

I think European universities should team up by region, nation or sector, outsource their TOs to give elbow room to these skillful staff members.

Ben Cliff


another resource for commercializing inventions in the field of providing environment friendly related products

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