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  • Ernst Max Nielsen
    Max has worked 20+ years with TT as owner, manager, director and /or board member in both small and large companies, comprising TT consulting, high-tech startups, international groups – in USA, Russia, UK, Belgium, Hungary and his native Denmark. Max operates as a business angel investor.

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John Bushelle

There are many reasons you may need to know the value of your business -- if you are considering buying a business, a merger or outright sale, for tax or loan purposes, or for estate planning. Whatever the reason for needing to know this information, trying to come up with a valid figure can be a major effort and challenge.

Pricing a business too high can result in the business not being sold for a long period of time; sometimes not at all. If the business owner eventually adjusts the price to how the market is responding, the deal will often be tainted with the view that something is wrong with the business or that the owner is desperate, possibly resulting in an even lower business appraisal than it would have originally been valued at.

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